Elite Wetbikes have been established for 15 years and our experience staff  are always on hand with full instructions, every wetbike (jetski) trip has an experience guide that makes sure of your safety and to give you the any guidance on the water thats needed.


Code of conduct, Rules and instructions

  • Before starting bike make sure you understand all rules and regulations and instructions.

  • We leave in groups of 2 bikes on the guides left hand side and 2 bikes on the guides right hand side or as per guide instructions on jetty when pulling away from harbor area must be at least 20 m away from each other

  • When leaving and entering the harbour keep area reduce speed immediately and idle out or into harbour area as the harbor is a no wake zone and other watercraft enter and leave harbour area as well.

  • Space between all bikes at all times as indicated by guides (20 m or more).

  • Ride within your limits, avoid aggressive maneuvers never cross paths with other riders.

  • (No wave jumping no tricks or sharp maneuvers (throwing doughnuts) are allowed.

  • ( No riding behind other bikes in their wake or cutting other bikes off, by crossing their paths in the front of their bikes).

  • No riding close to beach areas are allowed, only as per our route explained by guides or staff members.

  • Other watercraft user has got right of way.

  • Not allowed to ride up to Schaapen Island or Donkergat area .

  • Turnaround point as indicated by guide or staff member.

  • When riding ahead of other riders in group slack down and wait for rest of group to catch up especially when nearing the island

  • No swapping of passengers while on route to Island or on return trip

  • Must be 16 and older to ride alone

  • All riders including passengers must be able to swim

  • Passengers are only allowed under conditions as per Elite Wetbikes rules and conditions

  • All indemnities must be signed before any activity can commence

INDEMNITY: - (Elite Wetbike Hire)

1. All clients must sign an indemnity form prior to the departure date of the activity; no client will be allowed to commence a activity without having signed an indemnity form.

2. Although every precaution is taken for the activity to ensure all clients safety, Elite Wetbike Hire accepts no responsibility for any death or injury or loss to any person as a result of any reasons whatsoever.

3. The client realizes that to participate in these adventure activities he/she requires a measure of physical fitness and no heart condition, and must be able to swim, it is the client’s obligation to ensure that he/she is medically fit to embark on this activity.

4. The client can be hold liable for any damage caused to equipment if rules and regulations as described and informed by Wetbike Hire was not adhered to

5. Participation of minors: Participation by the under-18 age group on activities can be done only under the authority of a legal guardian. Elite Wetbike Hire has the right to refuse participation and/or cancel any booking should this not be complied with.

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